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The foremost real-life examples and experts on Reaffirmation Celebrations, Marc and Genevieve Coleman are here to share their story of romance and lasting Love.

Weddings are Beautiful! Renew your love with ~Marry Me More! ~

Sixteen Weddings!
For one happily married woman ~Once is not enough!!

Genevieve Coleman loves weddings! How much? She has married Marc Coleman 16 times in the last 5 years (without a divorce!). She has also written a book about their journey of love entitled,
~Marry Me More!Why We Married Each Other 16 Times and Counting!~
and is now on a mission to share with the world that she and her husband have discovered that renewing their vows is the key to keeping their romance alive and that when couples renew their vows, their passion stays strong, too!~~~
An opera singer and metaphysical minister, Genevieve did not intend on getting into the Guinness Book of Records when she married Marc in 2000. A second marriage for both, they decided they had already had their traditional wedding, so this time they were doing it for themselves. It turned out to be so much fun, they did it again....and again....and AGAIN!
~We did not know we would enjoy getting remarried so many times. It just happened. One wedding lead to another. And when we saw how much renewing our vows improved our relationship, we decided to try it again. As we embarked on this journey, we began to realize how much we both received from doing this with each other. Plus the Honeymoons are fabulous!
We also made some rules: Our weddings had to be in a new place we had never been before and that we both loved. We exchanged a new wedding ring or token of love each time. And we took turns planning and surprising each other with the wedding details. Every wedding was different and we learned something new about our relationship each time.~
Genevieve Coleman has been called ~The Billion Dollar Bride~ because the wedding renewal movement she is inspiring will generate over a billion dollars in additional revenue to the wedding industry. She is the perfect real-life model for reaffirmation celebrations and intends to share her discovery about the magical affects of renewing your vows through her books, lectures and seminars.
She say ~Keeping your romance alive brings you success in all areas of your life!~

~We want to inspire others to try a reaffirmation ceremony of their own. The first wedding was for the family....the second, third and fourth weddings are for yourself and your beloved. Each wedding is a step on a journey of love and makes your marriage stronger.~

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~Marry Me More! Why We Married Each Other 16 Times...and counting!~
By Genevieve Coleman
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